The first lesson of induction - Longyuan Group successfully completed the induction training for fresh college students in 2021

Time : 2021-07-16

From July 5 to 9, 84 "new Longyuan people" from the headquarters of the group, branch offices, general contracting direct project department, longyuanming City, longyuanmingxing and longyuanmingzhu started their first stop of their career - one week induction training in Longyuan Group with expectations and expectations for the future.

The training is rich in content and diverse in forms, including introduction to corporate culture, financial reimbursement system, human resources rules and regulations and career planning, PPP knowledge lectures, safety production education, OA system operation guide, market operation and cost engineering, BIM knowledge, project construction management, team games, expansion training Rich and colorful activities such as project visit.The training content of "teaching in fun" helps "xinlongyuan people" understand the work responsibilities of all lines and departments of the company at the first time, and invest in their upcoming career in a better state.

Face to face president's sincere message

Lai Zhaohui, President of the group, visited the training site in person. HeHe extended a warm welcome to the "new forces".

For the arrival of a new career, he sent a messageThree suggestions of "xinlongyuanren":

First, profession is the foundation of life. Longyuan is essentially a very traditional and market-oriented private enterprise, and specialty is the foundation of private enterprises. I hope you should have faith and be a professional and valuable "Longyuan person".

Second, learn to transpose thinking. In work, we should add multiple perspectives and dimensions to look at everything, ask questions and communicate more when encountering problems.

Third, stick to the bottom line of principles. Proper suffering can exercise your mind, but always remember that your character and reputation are built bit by bit, and you should stick to your principles and bottom line.

Lai Zhaohui pointed out that only when we are down-to-earth, conscientious and closely connected with the market can we have a better tomorrow. Simple words, pearls and proverbs place the president's trust inThe care and expectation of "new power".

Exchange meeting Gain full experience

In addition to the sincere message from the president, Wang Dehua, vice president of the group and general manager of the general contracting management company, also expressed hope in the discussion and communication with you. He encouraged you to be down-to-earth, diligent, continuous learning, combine book knowledge with practical experience, be diligent and inquisitive, and become an excellent Longyuan person as soon as possible through their own efforts.


Bao Hui, the project manager of the general contracting Feike project department, Shan Mengru, the budgeter of the project department, and Ding Lingzhi, the manager of the group's human resources department, who also joined as a fresh student in that year, were also invited to the training site. Facing the young faces, they smiled and talked, as if they saw themselves in those years. They unreservedly share their harvest and growth in Longyuan these years, which is also forXinlongyuan peopleThe doubts raised were answered, and the atmosphere was warm.

group activities Wonderful

培训期间,三场group activities同期举行。比大小、换数字、主题辩论会,看似简单的小游戏,背后蕴藏着团队协作与沟通的道理。值得一提的是,本次培训共有twentyManyXinlongyuan people来自东北,大多数都很幽默风趣。特别是参加主题辩论会的学员,东北段子、金句频出,给大家留下了深刻的印象,现场气氛十分活跃,Wonderful。

Project visit Direct attack on the scene

Paper comes to school and ends up shallow. During the training,Xinlongyuan peopleWe also went to the project Department of Shibei high tech service park to visit and study. On site, the project manager isXinlongyuan peopleThe project situation was introduced in detail, and a lot of work experience on the project site was shared to help you understand the field situation of the project department more intuitively.

Outward bound training Cohesion

On the last day of training,Xinlongyuan people参加了户外团队Outward bound training。大家在破冰活动之后分成五个小组展开团队协作竞争。挑战五分钟、贪吃蛇、盗梦空间以及共筑家园这四个项目将大家的团队氛围带至高潮。通过一天的活动,大家深刻体会了团队协作的乐趣和重要性,也有效增进团队成员间的凝聚力。

The one week induction training for college students has ended,Xinlongyuan peopleThey will take their own posts and start a new journey. I hope you can internalize and externalize what you have learned, felt and understood in recent days, so as to inject fresh vitality into the group. At the same time, we can harvest full love and growth on the platform of Longyuan and bloom our own brilliance!