What did representatives of 14 colleges and universities say on the "open day" at Longyuan?

Time : 2021-09-14

On the afternoon of September 15, Shanghai student affairs center, Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Second University of technology, Ningbo University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and economics, Shanghai University, East China University of technology, East China University, Shanghai Foreign Studies University, Shanghai University of engineering and technology, Shanghai Normal University Shanghai Lixin Institute of accounting and finance and other 14 colleges and universities gathered in the headquarters building of Longyuan construction group. Lai Zhaohui, President of the group, Zhang Li, vice president, and Hong Xianxing, deputy general manager of Longyuan Mingcheng attended the "open day" activity of colleges and universities. The event was hosted by Shao Qin, general manager of Human Resources Department of the group.

Lai Zhaohui, President of the group, warmly welcomed the arrival of College experts and teachers. He pointed out that the development of Longyuan in the past 40 years is inseparable from the participation of a large number of outstanding talents. In the process of transformation and upgrading from traditional construction companies to investment and construction operators of urban infrastructure and public service facilities, Longyuan's demand for talents has also been changing. At present, we have an infrastructure professional team of more than 1000 people. With the continuous promotion of Longyuan ecological mixed operation, we need more excellent talents to join our team. Lai Zhaohui hopes that colleges and universities can pay more attention to Longyuan, provide continuous development power and support for Longyuan, and help Longyuan become a vibrant century old enterprise.

Zhou Hongxing, deputy director of Shanghai student affairs center, said at the meeting that the center attaches great importance to this activity and will support the cooperation with Longyuan construction group, continue to serve the student employment and promote the benign development of graduate employment.

Yu qiuqin, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, called on Colleges and universities to go into Zhejiang merchants, understand Zhejiang merchants, promote and publicize low-key and powerful Zhejiang merchants enterprises like Longyuan, and transport excellent talents for enterprise development. In addition, she also said that Zhejiang chamber of commerce is building a platform for cooperation and exchange between enterprises and colleges, hoping to better serve the joint construction of schools and enterprises.

In recent years, Longyuan has recruited nearly 100 fresh students every year, helped 518 college students and provided grants of 2.826 million yuan. Zhang Li is a graduate representative who joined Longyuan through school recruitment. She graduated from Tongji University in 2001. Since she joined Longyuan, she has served as the group's securities affairs representative and the Secretary of the board of directors respectively. She is now the group's vice president.

When sharing her work experience at the meeting, Zhang Li admitted that in the past two decades, she personally participated in and witnessed the transformation and progress of Longyuan from a township enterprise restructuring to a modern enterprise of a listed company, and felt the courage and courage of the group's development and innovation in different periods. The pioneering spirit of Zhejiang businessmen in the founder family of Longyuan is the reason why she chose Longyuan from the beginning and has always attracted her. Zhang Li believes that Longyuan has a broader development platform and a more flexible talent training, incentive and promotion mechanism. Young people can get more opportunities for rapid growth and exercise here.

At the meeting, college teachers also spoke one after another. They said that although this is the first time to enter Longyuan, Longyuan can be seen everywhere in their daily work and life, whether it is the financial aid cooperation project in the school or the Longyuan in the school teaching building"Footprints" are still the site signs they see every day, so they are no strangers to Longyuan. This close contact with Longyuan gives them the opportunity to have a more comprehensive understanding of Longyuan, and they are also interested in 2Longyuan campus recruitment plan in 022Expressed strong interest.

Teachers from Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai Normal University and other universities had in-depth exchanges on issues such as school recruitment, training mechanism, career development and promotion. Zhang Li also gave her own views on the choice that some graduates are unwilling to go to the grass-roots level. She pointed out that due to the particularity of the construction industry, the front-line project department is the best place to understand the current situation of the industry and lay a good professional foundation. In the project department, we will assign teachers to each fresh student to help them set training goals. Moreover, the living conditions of the project department are also very good. Every year, we provide college students with6 home visits. After training in the grass-roots project department, we will assign fresh students to positions suitable for them. Some fresh students can take the post of project management in just five years, and the goal of annual salary of one million is also entirely possible.

Teachers from East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and economics, Shanghai University and Shanghai Lixin Accounting College also said that they were very happy to see alumni in the promotional film at today's event. They expected alumni to often go back to school to share their career experience in Longyuan with their younger brothers and sisters, so as to help more students understand Longyuan and join Longyuan.

This universityThe smooth implementation of the "open day" activity has promoted the cooperation and joint construction between schools and enterprises. In the future, the two sides will carry out more in-depth cooperation in talent training, training base construction, student employment and scientific research, so as to realize the win-win and development of colleges and enterprises.