Longyuan construction helps epidemic prevention and control: Fujian Jinjiang Convention and Exhibition Center joins in the front line of "epidemic"

Time : 2021-09-24

Recently, the epidemic prevention and control in Fujian Province has been upgraded, and many places have been raised to medium and high risk areas. In the face of severe and complex epidemic situation, Jinjiang city carries out nucleic acid detection for "four heavy" personnel in key units, key places, key populations and key areas. Since September 16, Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center invested, constructed and operated by Longyuan construction has continued to provide nucleic acid sampling sites for the epidemic. Longyuan construction Fujian Branch based in Jinjiang Convention and Exhibition Center has taken all staff home office measures to ensure the safe and orderly progress of nucleic acid testing.

Peak staggering screening to ensure "four personnel" epidemic prevention

At 16:00 p.m. on September 16, Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center received the nucleic acid sampling dispatch instruction, cooperated with the nucleic acid sampling emergency team to respond quickly, and immediately mobilized, coordinated materials and arranged the site. In less than two hours, the nucleic acid sampling site of thousands of people was arranged. The nucleic acid sampling team of Jinjiang hospital "went on an expedition" and came to Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fujian Province to conduct nucleic acid sampling for the city's "four heavy personnel". This night, Jinjiang reappeared the "blitz".
In the "blitz", the competition is speed and strength, and the test is will and responsibility. The nucleic acid sampling task is arduous and heavy, but the sampling time is staggered with the working time of the "four personnel". At the sampling site, we saw the hard work of the angels in white. As the venue supporter, the staff of all departments of the Convention and Exhibition Center also kept up with the pace, and achieved rapid response and active cooperation in the support work, from arranging tables and chairs and iron horses, to power connection and wiring, to flow guidance, recording and debugging broadcasting, etc, They are silently contributing their part to the epidemic prevention work.

On the night of September 16-17, the "four heavy personnel" in Jinjiang responded positively and cooperated tacitly. They discharged orderly teams at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Jinjiang, Fujian Province for screening. With the full cooperation of the emergency team, convention and Exhibition Center, medical team and other departments, the nucleic acid screening "blitz" was successfully completed.

Nucleic acid detection opens up a green channel to improve fast and convenient service

On September 18, according to the work needs, Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center once again undertook the site support task of epidemic prevention and control. In order to fully ensure the smooth supply chain of enterprises under the background of the epidemic and ensure the stable and orderly production and operation of enterprises, the municipal government decided to set up a special nucleic acid detection point here. From September 19, the method of making an appointment in advance and collecting in batches and time periods will be adopted every day to open up a green channel and provide fast and convenient services for nucleic acid detection of freight vehicle drivers and passengers in industrial and trade enterprises.

Site guarantee means that the staff of the Convention and Exhibition Center need to arrive at the site earlier than the testing working group, make preparations, and complete the killing and finishing work of the day and the preparation of the next day at night. In the face of continuous operation, the on-site staff worked hard, worked overtime, sacrificed the rest time of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, responded positively to the mobilization and cooperated with the site support work of nucleic acid detection points.