In the year of Longyuan 2021 ▎ we will go steady and far without fear of wind and waves

Time : 2021-12-31

2021 is a very difficult year

"Uncertainty" still appears frequently

Novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to envelops

Epidemic prevention and control continues

The pattern of the construction industry is constantly changing

The price of raw materials soared

Increase in labor cost

Countercurrent of real estate industry

We are in the development tide of the times

It's hard to walk up and down

If you sail against the current, you will fall back if you don't advance

Experience accumulated in every struggle

Every hard won harvest

It gives us the power to move forward

By the end of the third quarter of 2021, the group's asset scale had exceeded 64.6 billion yuan, with a cumulative new business volume of 13.959 billion yuan, and the traditional project business increased by 22.43% year-on-year. In the fierce market competition, the group constantly improves and innovates itself to achieve steady progress and high-quality development.

#Business structure #

持续改善Business structure趋势稳定向好,全年新承接传统施工业务中,产业园区类、市政类、公建类项目占比不断提升。大力推进新葡的京集团350vip8888生态混业发展,协同经营初现成效。自主经营又有新收获。

#Engineering excellence#

In 2021, the group will continuously improve its project management level and actively expand the categories of excellence creation. So far, the group has created more than 800 high-quality engineering awards above the provincial level.

▍  National Awards

The old Ximen Zhonghua new town (North plot) project successfully passed the National AwardChina installation engineering quality award(China installation star) review, which is the first highest award of installation engineering won by the group. The PPP project of Wenzhou Lucheng Oujiang Ring Expressway to woqishan seawall project won the award from 2019 to 2020China water conservancy project quality (Dayu) Award。 The steel structure and roof layer of Ruijin Sports Center Stadium constructed by Dadi steel structure, a subsidiary of the group, and the steel structure project of PPP project of Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center won two awards“China steel structure Gold Award”。

▍ provincial awards

Old Ximen Zhonghua new town (North plot) 3#building, 4#building and 5#building won three "Magnolia" awards. So far, the group has won 110 "Magnolia" awards. Bid section II of Xiangshan film and Television College phase I project of Ningbo Dahongying University and PPP project of Ningbo East Outer Ring Road rapid transformation project won two "Qianjiang cups". Jingmen Planet World City Phase I project won the "Chutian Cup". Xi'an National Research Center for ceramic matrix composites and its industrialization project won the "Chang'an Cup".

▍ provincial "smart construction site"

Hangzhou archives project has become the first provincial "smart construction site" demonstration project of the group.

#Technology leading#

▍  Technology research and development

In the whole year, the group company and Longyuan ecological member units added 54 authorized patents, participated in the compilation of 4 industrial standards above the provincial level, participated in the compilation of 12 industrial and group standards, won 6 provincial construction methods, and participated in more than 30 subject research and application.

▍ high tech Enterprises

Following Dadi steel structure, Shangfang Design Institute, Hangzhou urban investment and construction, Mingshu data and Ningbo Shenghong, Longyuan Tiance has become the sixth subsidiary of Longyuan banner of the group company to be rated as a "national high-tech enterprise".

▍ national promotion project of scientific and technological achievements in construction industry

The "S-system" project independently developed and launched by longyuanmingzhu, a subsidiary of the group, has successfully passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in the national construction industry by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and is listed as the "national promotion project of scientific and technological achievements in the construction industry".

▍ national intellectual property pilot enterprise

Dadi steel structure, a subsidiary of the group, was awarded the title of "national intellectual property pilot enterprise".

▍ BIM Technology

This year, the BIM center of the group created 460000 square meters of models and 90000 square meters of electromechanical deepening design drawings. BIM Technology has been applied in many projects. The group and Longyuan ecological member units have won 8 BIM provincial awards.

#Social recognition#

▍ credit rating AA

Through comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the credit status of the group and the group's proposed public issuance of A-share convertible corporate bonds, Lianhe credit evaluation Co., Ltd. determines that the long-term credit rating of the company's main body is AA, the credit rating of public issuance of A-share convertible corporate bonds is AA, and the rating outlook is stable.

▍  List again and again

The group company continues to be listed in Fortune 500 China, Top 80 Chinese contractors, top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang Province, AAA "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprises in Zhejiang Province, etc.

This year, Longyuan ecological coordinated development and continued to make efforts. EPC general contracting, steel structure assembly, infrastructure investment project operation, park operation, consulting business and other diversified business fields have entered the harvest period.


The group won the EPC + O project of phase I project of Xinyanggang ecological fishing port town, which is the result of the collaborative efforts of Longyuan Mingcheng in collaboration with various departments of the group, Longyuan Mingxing, Longyuan Zhejiang Design Institute, Jiangsu company and other Longyuan ecological units, as well as external excellent design, construction and operation units.


The group won the bid for four projects including the EPC general contracting of the phase I construction project of the new campus of Henan Changyuan Vocational College (two museums and two centers and the comprehensive teaching building of the north and South campuses), of which the prefabricated hardbound room model room of tianchangwu yuehefu project of Xincheng holding has passed the acceptance.

#PPP运营 #

The group's PPP project operation management system has been gradually improved, and its operation business has made a good start. During the operation period, PPP projects such as Lishui public security, Jiande railway station and Lixian County have achieved good returns, and PPP projects such as Xiangshan provincial highway 71 and Shipu dingtang have achieved excellent performance appraisal and achieved efficiency gains. Longyuan Mingxing added a new business performance license, further expanding the business scope of operation management.

#全过程工程咨询 #

Since this year, Hangzhou Chengtou construction, a subsidiary of the group, has successively won six whole process engineering consulting projects, including the pilot project of Nanhu Luli future community in Jiaxing, the project of Yuanwang R & D center in plot 20 A of Haichuang Park, and the whole process engineering consulting service project of Jingning Fuqiu community in Lishui.

#产业园区 #

The Group invested 1.5 billion yuan and longyuanmingzhu was responsible for the construction and operation of the prefabricated construction science and Technology Industrial Park, which was officially started in Xuancheng, Anhui Province on March 27. The foundation of Taiyue Tiance (Dongying) new energy equipment Industrial Park jointly built by longyuantiance and Taiyue group was officially laid on September 1.

#投融资数字化管理产品 #

The "investment, construction and operation integration" management platform developed by Mingshu data was officially launched in China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau. Mingshu data has successively won the bid for Gansu Province's "14th five year plan" transportation infrastructure investment and financing planning consulting service, Gansu Urban big data operation Co., Ltd. information management platform and other projects.

This year, we actively established cooperative relations with high-quality partners in various fields, carried out diversified and steady investment, and explored new channels in line with Longyuan's development.

#航宇科技 #

On July 5, Hangyu Technology (688239) was listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. The group holds Hangyu technology through its investment platform Hangzhou Canyun Yingyi investment partnership, accounting for 18.95% of the total share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Hangyu technology. This initiative has expanded the group's business areas and enriched the group's investment profit model.

#光伏产业 #

In November, the group and Trina Solar signed strategic cooperation agreements with the government of Xiejiaji District, Huainan City, Anhui Province and the government of Huazhou District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province on the investment and development of photovoltaic new energy in the whole district; It also cooperates with a number of central energy enterprises, will start from the stock construction market, actively develop the distributed photovoltaic business of the whole county, and look forward to participating in the new BIPV infrastructure in the future.

#体育产业 #

On December 17, the first equity investment fund focusing on the sports industry under the people's network was officially established. The fund, led by people's sports, with people's network capital, longyuanming city and Saint capital as partners, will focus on high-quality projects in several subdivided fields such as sports consumption, sports space, sports technology and sports events.

#城市发展新业态 #

On March 16, the group organized a symposium on new business forms of urban development to discuss the potential opportunities of the group in the field of urban infrastructure and public services with a number of experts. Previously, the group's subsidiaries Shangfang Design Institute and Xin'an curtain wall have successively participated in many urban renewal projects such as Shanghai pengsan community, Xuhui Leshan Liuqi village and Wanping theater.

#牵手新伙伴 #

On May 6, the Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CSCEC Northwest Institute. In the future, the two sides will focus on comprehensive strategic cooperation in various fields such as EPC project general contracting, construction industrialization, BIM application and R & D, regional comprehensive development, transportation infrastructure construction and other major technical subject R & D, PPP project investment and financial construction, etc.
This year, while actively moving forward and constantly chasing the light, we still guard our original heart, stick to our mission and don't forget the way we came.

#感恩与传承 #

▍ theme cultural activities

On August 8, the fifth "gratitude and inheritance" themed cultural activity of the group was grandly held. Lai Zhenyuan, founder of the group and Lai Zhaohui, President of the group, called on all Longyuan people to remember and inherit the hard work and pioneering spirit of the older generation of Longyuan people, and called on everyone to continue to shoulder social responsibility, practice public welfare charity and inherit great love.

▍ Long Yuan Zhen Yuan Charitable Foundation

Since its establishment on August 8, 2019, Longyuan Zhenyuan charitable fund has received positive responses from more than 1200 Longyuan people and received a total of more than 5 million yuan. As of December 2021, Longyuan Zhenyuan charity fund has actually donated 18.908 million yuan, donated more than 800 medical staff, helped 30 poor students, 48 families with difficulties and 3 seriously ill employees of the group.

▍ 14 years

For the 14th consecutive year, the group established a poverty relief fund in Xiangshan County Charity Federation. By December 2021, the accumulated donation from the endowment fund was 7 million yuan, and the relief expenditure was 6.24358 million yuan, making more than 1124 people in need of assistance.

#红色工地创建 #

The PPP project of Shipu passenger transport center in Xiangshan County was rated as an excellent project of "six haves and one good" red construction site creation, and the temporary Party branch of the project was rated as an advanced collective of red construction site creation in Ningbo construction industry. The rooftop resettlement housing PPP project department was rated as the "red construction site" of Tiantai county. The joint party branch of the construction project of Hangzhou urban archives center won the honorary title of "100 years and 100 excellent" industry typical case of the municipal construction commission.

#发挥“先锋队”作用 #

▍ guarantee nucleic acid detection

On September 16, Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center invested, constructed and operated by the group provided a nucleic acid sampling site for the local epidemic situation, making every effort to ensure the safe and orderly progress of nucleic acid detection.

▍ charge the "epidemic" line

After the outbreak of the local epidemic, the management personnel of the phase II Project Department of the upgrading and reconstruction project of Ningbo hailongsai hospital volunteered as volunteers; Hangzhou urban investment and Construction Group branch, a subsidiary of the group, established a volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control, and cooperated with the local management committee to carry out volunteer service for epidemic prevention and control in Baimahu International Convention and Exhibition Center。