The prefabricated building has opened another flower dragon construction and won the bid for the 1 billion yuan school EPC project

Time : 2021-06-22

On June 22, Longyuan construction(5.15 -0.96%, diagnostic unit)It was announced that the company won the bid for the phase I construction project of the new campus of Changyuan Vocational College (two museums and two centers and the comprehensive teaching building of the north and South Campus), with a bid winning amount of 1 billion yuan. Phase I of the new campus of Changyuan vocational college is a prefabricated EPC Construction Project with a total construction area of 263399.53 m2. The assembly rate of the fabricated construction method used in the project must meet the requirements of the current relevant documents of the local competent department. At the same time, ensure that the academic exchange center and Conference Center successfully apply for the "science and technology demonstration project of housing and urban and rural construction in Henan Province (prefabricated building demonstration)".

In July 2020, Changyuan municipal government issued the incentive measures for the development of prefabricated buildings in Changyuan city. By the end of 2021, the proportion of prefabricated buildings (assembly rate not less than 50%) in the city's new construction area will reach more than 20%, including affordable housing and government and state-owned enterprise investment projects reaching more than 30%, and the proportion of prefabricated buildings will be increased year by year. By the end of 2025, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in the newly-built building area in the city will strive to reach more than 50%, and all qualified government investment projects will be constructed in the way of prefabricated construction.

Longyuan construction fully grasped the development trend of the industry and actively promoted the group's assembly business. annual reportIt shows that the company has successfully developed and launched a high-performance fully assembled steel structure construction product system S-system is suitable for the construction of various residential and public housing construction products, and the assembly rate can reach 95%. Compared with the traditional construction technology, the construction period can be shortened by up to 40%, meeting the requirements of multiple certification systems such as prefabricated buildings, green buildings and healthy buildings, and is in a leading position in the industry.

Recently, the company also won the bid in GuangxiThe first steel structure fabricated residential project in Fangchenggang City, autonomous region——Jinxi · Meishu Pavilion project 5# building EPC project. The project is located in Chengnan New Area, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi. The building height is 57.7m, the floor height is 2.9m, and the assembly rate can reach more than 70%. Prefabricated buildings as the transformation and upgrading of Longyuan GroupHas played an irreplaceable role in leading the upgrading and development of traditional building blocks.

Up to now, Longyuan construction hasS system products have been successfully implemented in many projects such as the fabricated steel structure EPC project of bid section II of phase IV Project of donghuwan community in Jinxi, Sihong sports town and tianchangwuyue square. As the first complete steel structure fabricated residential system to pass the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, it has competitive advantagesObviously. In the future, the company will also continue to carry out iterative updating of product system toAccelerate the pace of industrialization by means of "assembly" and aiming at "performance improvement". It is reported that as an important starting point for the transformation and development of the group, the technical level of Longyuan steel structure fabricated building has accumulated a certain reputation in the industry.

On June 8, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other 15 departments officially issued the opinions on strengthening the green and low-carbon construction in the county, pointing out that the houses in the county are mainly 6 floors, the construction area of houses with 6 floors and below shall not be less than 70%, and the newly-built houses in the county shall not exceed 18 floors in principle. BOC International released a report that the green and low-carbon design concept further sank to the county, especially limiting the residential floor height, which is conducive to the promotion of prefabricated buildings, especially prefabricated houses.

Since 2020, prefabricated buildings have ushered in a new policy outlet, and policies related to prefabricated buildings have been implemented one after anotherAction plan, about promoting intelligent construction and construction industryThe guiding opinions on the coordinated development of industrialization and other proposed to vigorously develop prefabricated buildings. According to GF Securities(14.45 +0.56%, diagnostic unit)It is estimated that the market scale of prefabricated buildings will reach 777 billion yuan in 2020 and 1674.2 billion yuan in 2025. Prefabricated buildings are still expected to maintain a rapid growth rate. All links in the industrial chain will benefit fully.

Hua'an securities(5.35 +0.00%, diagnostic unit)It is considered that the prefabricated building is a track with high certainty and growth at present. Based on the 30% proportion of prefabricated buildings in 2025, it is conservatively estimated that the compound growth rate of new construction area of prefabricated buildings in the "14th five year plan" period will not be less than 25%. At present, the steel structure has the demand catalysis brought by public facilities and housing. At the same time, the next 3-5 years is a period of supply expansion and optimization, which will resonate with the policy drive; The industry will enter the stage of price increase for a long time, and the leading profitability is expected to improve.

In order to improve the company's steel structure fabricated production capacity and match the growing order demand, Longyuan construction invested in the construction of fabricated building science and Technology Industrial Park project in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan, covering the production, manufacturing and R & D of steel structure, peripheral protection, interior decoration and other core components. Xuancheng economic and Technological Development Zone is a national economic development zone. The latest announcement of the company has won the use right of state-owned construction land of relevant plots by listing, and obtained the transaction confirmation. The project is progressing smoothly.

The company said that as a national policy, the assembly business has a good development momentum. In the future, the company will rely on Longyuan ecology, optimize resource allocation, develop mixed operation under the construction background, build a steel structure assembly platform, and gradually make the steel structure assembly business a new revenue and profit growth point of the company.