The total investment is 1.45 billion! Longyuan and Trina Solar jointly build a green building ecosystem

Time : 2023-01-07

two thousand and twenty-threeyearonemonthsixIn the evening of the day, Longyuan Construction Group issued the Announcement on Jointly Increasing the Capital of the Wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Company with Trina Solar. The Company and Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Trina Solar")Photosynthetic energy)After signing the investment agreement, both parties confirmed and agreed to take Longyuan Mingzhu as the core cooperation platform of both parties in the field of photovoltaic building integration business, and jointly invest in Longyuan Mingzhu to carry out business.

公司、Photosynthetic energy及新葡的京集团350vip8888明筑管理层持股平台拟分三期对新葡的京集团350vip8888明筑进行增资扩股,总增资金额约人民币one4.fiveRMB100mn Including initial capital increasefive100 million yuan, followed bytwo thousand and twenty-fourtwenty2fiveyear完成后两轮投资2.five/7RMB100mn In the first capital increase, the company/Photosynthetic energy/Capital increase of management shareholding platformone.40three point three sevenzero point two three100 million yuan, the shareholding ratio after the capital increase is respectivelyfive2.02%44.98%3%

Drive the green building track Full assembly system leads the industry

公司深耕Architecture行业四十余year,是目前国内少数具备城市建设与运营全生命周期服务能力的民营Architecture龙头企业。随着国家Double carbon strategyWith the continuous promotion of, comprehensive green building will become the development trend of the construction industry in the future.twentyone8year,全资子公司新葡的京集团350vip8888明筑整合装配式Architecture业务资源,构建了全体系、一站式装配式ArchitectureEPCService capability, and prospective layout of green building business.

The company's fully fabricated steel structure systemS-SYSTEMIt is the first fully assembled multi-storey and high-rise steel structure building system in China, which has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in the national construction industry by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and is listed asNational construction industry scientific and technological achievements promotion projectSThe system is suitable for residential and public buildings, with the highest assembly rate of9five%The product system has a prefabricated building grade ofAAALevel. The company's existing steel structure capacity is aboutonefiveTen thousand tons, Xuancheng prefabricated construction technology industrial park has a capacity of aboutthirty10000 tons, radiating the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, with obvious regional advantages.

futureS体系将结合Photosynthetic energyphotovoltaic、储能产品,开发BIPVCore components and components, and give full play to the first-mover advantage in the national construction field, accelerate the industrialization development through technical advantages, major customers and financial resources, and realize the upgrading of green buildings to zero-carbon buildings in all aspects from building materials research and development, construction process.

携手Photosynthetic energy深化合作 & nbsp;seekphotovoltaic+ArchitectureOptimal solution

本次投资,为公司与Photosynthetic energy前次合作的进一步延续。twenty2oneyear,公司与淮南市谢家集区人民政府、Photosynthetic energy控股子公司江苏天合分布式能源管理有限公司及渭南市华州区人民政府签署合作框架协议,投资开发分布式photovoltaic能源项目,总投资额预计twentyRMB100mn

Photosynthetic energy为全球领先的photovoltaic智慧能源整体解决方案提供商, 市占率、产能规模、技术水平、业务布局处于行业领先水平。Photosynthetic energy photovoltaic科学与技术国家重点实验室在photovoltaic电池和组件的转换效率、输出功率方面连续创造和刷新onefive次世界纪录。公司在photovoltaic系统、储能系统和能源物联解决方案等多方面持续研发布局,截至twenty22year,公司组件累计发货量突破2oneGW, occupying more thanone0%Global market share.

公司与Photosynthetic energy将事业定位在以发展绿色Architecture为公司使命,旨在以新葡的京集团350vip8888明筑作为双方在photovoltaicArchitecture一体化业务领域的核心合作平台,充分发挥各自优势,推进photovoltaicArchitecture一体化产品的研发、制造、销售,通过Architecturephotovoltaic一体化技术与公司装配式领域的技术进行融合升级,全面推动绿色Architecture的发展,有利于公司在绿色Architecture领域的深入发展和业务拓展。通过本次合作,新葡的京集团350vip8888明筑在Architecturephotovoltaic一体化产品和装配式Architecture方面将步入快速发展轨道,成为公司业务的新增长点。