Longyuan won two national quality project awards

Time : 2023-01-09

two thousand and twenty-threeyearonemonthsevenChina Construction Enterprise Management Association announced“2022-two thousand and twenty-threeyear度第一批国家优质工程”名单,新葡的京集团3512vip承建的施工总承包项目——Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Project、Ningbo Rail Transit fourLine 1 project is listed. Among them, Ningbo Rail TransitfourThe line project was awarded the National Quality Project Gold Award.

The "National Quality Engineering Award" was established inone98oneyear,由中国施工企业管理协会组织实施,是经国务院确认的中国工程建设领域设立最早、规格最高、跨行业跨专业的国家级质量奖,其宗旨是弘扬“追求卓越,铸就经典”的国优精神,宣传和表彰设计优、质量精、管理佳、效益好、技术先进、节能环保的工程项目,是我国工程建设质量方面的最高荣誉。

Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Project

The project of Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center is the first bid winner of the GroupPPPThe project is also the first exhibition category in ChinaPPPproject usePPPModel construction: Longyuan Group provides the whole life cycle services of investment, construction and operation for the project. The total investment of the project is nearlyone0100 million yuan, total floor areanine point nine five10000 square meters. Project on20one8yearfourmonth开工,two thousand and twentyyearsevenmonth交付并正式运营,可提供约one992Indoor standard boothsfive thousand and six hundredSquare meter outdoor booth andone2foursixParking spaces.

The roof of the exhibition hall adopts a large-span steel truss structure with a maximum span of more thansixfourM, the maximum overhang exceeds2sevenMeters. In addition to the main foundation works, fine decoration and electromechanical installation, the project construction also covers dynamic compaction and soft foundation treatment,GBFBuilt-in formwork cast-in-place hollow floor slab, large-span and large-tonnage truss and special-shaped column steel structure hoisting, unconventional single glass production and hoisting, large elevation and large elevation aluminum plate curtain wall facade and other professional construction with certain technical difficulties and challenges.

As the company's first comprehensive exhibition hall project with large volume and functions such as exhibition hall, conference hall, banquet hall, ecological corridor, etc., the group, branch company and project department attach great importance to it, and carry out pre-construction planning, judge the feasibility and level of excellence creation according to the project attributes, scale, structural characteristics, etc., and determine the goal of excellence creation. Always conscientiously implement in the construction processThe concept of "quality first", the implementation of refined management, and the creation of high-quality projects have won the "China Steel Structure Gold Award" of the China Building Metal Structure Association, and the provincial high-quality project of Fujian Construction Engineering (Minjiang Cup). (For details, please click: Longyuan Group's firstPPPThe project won the "China Steel Structure Gold Award"  The highest project quality award in Fujian Province! Group Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition CenterPPPThe project won the "Minjiang Cup")

Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center has been held since it was officially put into servicetwo thousand and twentyyear第二十七届泉州国际车展、第四届、第五届海峡两岸食品交易会、第四届中国(晋江)国际家装建材博览会等活动,获得了可观的经济效益。期间各项设施、设备运行稳定,使用功能完善,节能效果显著,其施工质量得到了社会各方好评。

Ningbo Rail Transit fourLine project

Ningbo Rail Transit fourLine 1 starts from Cicheng, Jiangbei District and ends at Dongqianhu Tourist Resort. It is an internal filling line from the northwest to the southeast of the rail transit backbone network, traversing the downtown area of Ningbo, with a total length of aboutthirty-sixKm, set up in total along the whole linetwenty-fiveStations(sixTransfer stations), underground stationsone8Elevated stationsevenSeat. The whole line is ontwo thousand and twentyyearone2monthtwenty-threeIt will be put into operation on the.

Constructed by Longyuan GroupfourCivil works of LineTJfour0onesevenLot (Dongqianhu Station), rail transitfourNotwenty-five Stations(终点站)。车站位于东钱湖核心区,车站沿东钱湖大道,跨玄武东路及规划2six号路布置,为地下二层岛式车站。该项目是集团公司首次实现在轨道交通市场土建专业领域的突破,对公司进一步拓展Ningbo Rail Transit 市场,并为今后辐射到相邻城市轨道交通领域具有重大的战略意义。

在建设过程中,项目部始终严控质量,规范施工,持续加强生产进度、安全质量、标准化建设、农民工实名制管理等工作。特别是工程质量管理、安全标准化、文明施工、智慧工地、党工联建等工作,亮点突出,成果显著。工程所获荣誉包括浙江省建设工程钱江杯(优质工程),浙江省建筑施工安全生产标准化管理优良工地等。工程竣工验收投入使用一year多来,各种设施、设备运行稳定,使用功能完善,得到了宁波市相关主管部门和属地单位的一致好评,在Ningbo Rail Transit工程建设项目中树立了样板。

在该项目之后,新葡的京集团3512vip又中标了Ningbo Rail TransitfiveCivil works of Line 1TJfiveoneone2Bid section (Xingzhuang Road Station)sevenCivil works of LineTJseven008Bid section construction project (Gymnasium Station, Shuguang Road Station), Ningbo to Xiangshan (suburban) railway projectSGXS0oneBid section construction project, Ningbo to Cixi municipal (suburban) railway projectSGCX03For the construction project of the bid section, the accumulated bid winning amount has reached2six.sevenseven亿。(详情请点击:新year开门红!宁波轨交市域线项目再添一标 )

Longyuan Construction Group has always adhered to the spirit of craftsman to carve the quality of the times, build high-quality projects, and upholdThe concept of "prospering by quality" regards quality as the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, and unswervingly pays attention to quality management. The predecessor of the Magnolia Award——one988year度上海市建设工程“小鲁班奖”以来,新葡的京集团3512vip已创省级以上优质工程奖项eight hundredremainder. Longyuan Group will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "first-class management, high-quality products and services to create credibility", and promote high-quality projects to create more high-quality projects with high standards and strict requirements. To realize the vision of "a better city builder and a happy life operator".